Muster fire suppression

Mine Tech are proud to announce that we have have partnered with Muster to become one of the newest Muster Fire Suppression distributors. As an authorised and qualified Muster Fire Suppression distributor Mine Tech can offer a range of fully monitored fire systems and solutions that offers the latest in fire protection for your workplace.

Muster introduces innovation into the fire suppression industry with leading edge technology for automatic detection and actuation. Muster is a pre-engineered system designed for environments where superior performance and innovation are consistently demanded.

At the heart of every Muster Fire Suppression System is our exclusive Muster Alarm Panel which monitors the integrity of the Fire Suppression System and automatically controls the activation of the Fire Suppression System.

Heavy vehicles, mobile plant, agricultural machinery, stationary equipment, and other assets represent a substantial investment for any business. Risk reduction strategies need to include the often heavy demands placed on equipment performance. Consideration should be given to equipment damage or potential personal injury as a result of a fire incident.

Wherever you have heat generation with a potential mechanical or electrical component failure, the risk of fire is real. The costs of asset replacement and lost production can be crippling but are insignificant compared to the potential loss of life.

Today the installation of an automatic Fire Suppression System has become an essential part of an inclusive risk management plan to minimise harm to both operator and equipment. Make Muster ‘Your Fire Suppression Partner’ and find out how we can protect your people and assets with our leading-edge Fire Suppression Systems.

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